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How To Remove Duplicate Photo With Fixer Pro

To clutter up your picture collection and make it difficult to find certain images, duplicate photos may be a major source of frustration for anybody. It will take you hours or days to manually erase these identical photographs from your Fixer Pro, and the result will still be less than ideal. Furthermore, whether you use Windows or Mac, you will run into the issue of duplicating photographs. The problem is that in both Windows OS, there are no practical means to remove the fakes from the system.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Photos using Fixer Pro in Windows

It’s simple to delete duplicate photos using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can remove all of your computer’s duplicate photographs. Let’s see how this works. Download the most recent version of Duplicate Images Fixer Pro from its official website. Once you’ve installed it, follow the on-screen directions to activate it on your Desktop PC. The icon for Duplicate Pictures Fixer Pro will appear on your desktop as soon as it has been installed on your computer. To activate Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, just double-click the program’s icon on your desktop.

The next step is to add images to a scan list by dragging and dropping them. You can also use the Add Photos option to upload images. The Add Folder button may used to add a full folder of photos if that is what you want to do. After that, it’s time to select a way to compare the data.

You have the option of using the Exact match or the Similar match comparing technique that the product gives. You are free to use any form of comparison you like. In the case of an exact match, you’ll able to find only those photographs that are identical, however, a comparable match will assist you to find images that are very close to those that have been change. Using a similar match and adjusting the Comparing Level can help you get rid of as many duplicates as possible.

To start the scanning process, click the Scan for Duplicate files button. The scanning procedure will take a few minutes to finish. If you have a lot of photographs, the scan will take longer since the computer first loads and compares the images before displaying the findings. The results of the scan will display in the application window after the test is finish. Now it is possible to use the Auto Marking function to cross off any images in a group that is not identical to the original.

Once all the duplicate photos have checked, you may delete them by clicking the Delete Button. The Recycle Bin is cleaned if the system deletes the duplicates. In comparison, if they are rejected from the external disc, storage, or network disk, they will permanently deleted.

So now you know how simple it is to remove duplicate photos with Duplicate Photos Fixer.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Photos using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on Mac

In addition to running on Windows, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro also works on Macs. You can quickly download it from the Mac Store and erase duplicate photographs from Mac by following the instructions below. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro may started by double-clicking its icon once you’ve downloaded it on your Mac computer. A new feature lets you scan individual photographs or folders holding multiple copies of the same image. You can also drop the photos into the scanning area by dragging and dropping them. It is now time to select the process to evaluate from Perfect or Similar Match.

The right panel allows you to fine-tune the matching level that suits your needs. Click “Scan for Duplicates” once you’ve adjusted the matching threshold. When the scan is complete, it will provide a comprehensive list of all the photographs in the group that have identified as duplicates. As soon as you’ve selected AutoMark as your default, the product will designate all copies of that item in each category as “original”. Then click the Delete button to remove all the duplicates from your collection. As soon as you click on the Delete button, all the duplicate photographs in your Photos Library will relocated to an album called “Duplicate Marked Photos”.

To clear them, follow these simple instructions:

  • Select “Duplicate Marked images” in the Photos App.
  • Right-click on any image on that album and select “Save Image As.”
  • Press and hold down the “command” key soon as the context menu appears. Delete Photos will have an additional option. Duplicates can deleted by clicking on them.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an incredible duplicate photo remover, and we trust that you now have a better idea of how to use it. Make use of this application and clean up your Windows or Mac.